Sr. Embedded Software Engineer
In a few words...
After 17 years working with the Digital TV Operators for both EU and Worldwide market, I had the chance to be part of the DxO ONE Camera adventure for 3 years. As an enthusiast photographer, I worked also during 2 years for a small consulting company attached to Xiaomi R&D image processing department. But in 2021, I decided to start working for the French Government in Direction du Budget as Software developer specialist.
I was graduated as a software engineer of ESSI (École Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques) which is now renamed into Polytech Nice Sophia
I also have a PhD. in Sciences for the Engineer from the Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis). My research areas concerned algorithms for nondestructive testing, target identification, detection of buried objects and medical imaging using electromagnetic sounding.

You can download my CV by clicking on the opposite logo. I had to remove in this CV my private coordinates to avoid any malicious spamming. You can contact me by my LinkedIn account, or through my contact page.

A more complete CV is also available through this link.